Saturday, December 14, 2013

Taking on 2014....

I am blessed beyond measure!  My life is one of abundance and happiness.  This is not to say that I don’t feel sad or deflated at times, but I know I have it good!  My career, my family, my health, my friends (beyond just Facebook) …..I am constantly reminding myself to take stock of these great assets in my ‘balance sheet’!  Yet despite my joy, I am human and yes, I naturally feel down….however as of recently, I have learned to draw inspiration from those dark moments where I simply don’t feel like my usual happy self.  I have learned that those dark moments are necessary to find the motivation within ourselves to keep the sun shining. 

As this year comes to an end and we wait for the beautiful year ahead, I have taken a bit of time to plan on preparing for those ‘what if’’ scenarios that were spawned in those times of deflation and fear.  I realize happiness is not a destination.  And goals are meant to help us grow regardless of whether we attain them or not.  This is part of my fear – what if everything I hold dear and value today, is gone tomorrow. 

For 2014, my goals are set to nurture the vision of peace, growth and happiness.  I have broken my goals into seven areas of life that work together – 1) Family 2) Social 3) Personal Development 4) Career 5) Wealth 6) Physical and 7) Spiritual.  (For a detailed breakdown of these areas, check out this link  ) Within these areas, my goals sometimes overlap.  For example – my goal to join Toastmasters is driven from wanting to be a better communicator (personal development) as well as increase my network (social).  My goals are…..well, my goals!  They give me strength and focus and help me want to be better than I have been.

In embarking on your own goal setting. I encourage you to start from a mindset of gratitude (see Gratitude post).  With this frame of mind, you will know what to improve and rationally understand the aspects of your life you despise and want to change.  Be honest with yourself, be creative and know your goals are first and foremost, meant to help you grow! 
For some additional inspiration, check out this awesome kid (who I hope to be like when I grow up) and his thoughts on happiness
Happy holidays and happy journaling, my friends!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Sunday Reflection on the Meaning of a Meaningful Life

I have been reflecting a lot on what a meaningful life is.  It is easy to be blinded by the media on what success means - a big house, fancy cars, money in the bank etc.  I have been thinking about these variables that I have used before to measure my life and I have noticed these 'variables' I wish to attain have certainly changed as I have changed.

I was asked during a leadership workshop what I had on my bucket list and as everyone listed an exotic vacation, or to own a dream car, I mentioned that if I could grow old to see my daughters grow up and become happy parents, then I would have achieved the only item listed on my bucket list.  Perhaps it is being a parent that has caused these thoughts to strengthen in me but I find myself sometimes slipping back into the clouds of materialism.  Hey, we're all human and desire is perfectly natural.  However, what we practice, we form as habits.  And I have been practicing this feeling of desiring and striving to attain 'variables' for much too long.

Today I had a always, due to my trusty journal.  Meaning from life comes from creating meaning in the lives of others.  Using our creativity for the betterment of this world brings about an inner feeling of accomplishment that transcends any feeling that could be gained from owning a fancy car, or going on an exotic luxury vacation.

Give a lot of yourself,
To receive a lot for yourself.
Have fun, be creative, be daring,
& dream of ideas that encourage sharing.
One day our efforts may mean nothing...
But making this world smile today, definitely means something.