Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Bucket of Motivations

Not to be confused with a bucket list, a ‘bucket of motivations’ is a list of reasons why you want to accomplish a particular goal.  In past posts, I have written about goals not being end points but successful habits that help you continue on the journey of health, wealth and happiness.

The concept of a ‘bucket of motivations’ came to mind as I was at the gym, running on a treadmill.  The gym initially was a reason for me to get in shape, but has evolved to becoming so much more to me.  My bucket of motivations for going to the gym not only include looking and feeling good, but to also relieve stress and surround myself with people who are on a similar journey.  If I have had a stressful day at work, the gym will help me release some tension.  If I feel I need to get in shape, going to the gym will help me validate that I’m actually working on it instead of doing nothing.

I’m currently taking some courses towards my MBA through a distance education curriculum that requires some serious self-discipline.  My bucket of motivations for taking my MBA and studying hard includes learning more about business and furthering my career but also for being a positive role model to my kids and showing them that education is something we need to value.  I have a vision of being at my convocation ceremony with my daughters and wife in the audience cheering me on. 

Think of a bucket of motivations as a few key reasons why you should do anything positive and that you would need to pull from to motivate you to stay on track from your goals.  These motivations do not have to be related to one another aside from the fact that they are motivating you to achieve a particular goal/habit.    And as always, I would recommend the use of a journal to help uncover these motivations and to help keep them in mind while you work towards a healthier, wealthier and happier self!

Happy New Year, everyone!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Peace for Ourselves......

After 15 years, I recently met up with the game of basketball, and we have been inseparable ever since.  I joined a co-ed league within my city of London, Ontario and have been playing with other 20-30ish year old players who are in a similar stage of life and are like-minded individuals who also have great sportsmanship.  My intent in joining this league was two fold: one to get a good workout and second, to network.  I didn’t realize there was a third and crucial benefit of joining this league and that was to feel like a 15 year old again.  I am also drawing similarities between the workplace and the game itself like how…
  •        it takes a team to succeed
  •        having a strategy can help you focus on how you want to play,
  •       groupthink can get a team to lower their guard by dismissing the other team’s strengths,
  •        being a cheerleader and positive thinker is much more contagious than being a downer. 

Basketball in helping me return to this feeling of being a youth and opening my mind to observe my world, is my way of giving to ‘me’ and letting the small things go.

In this crazy, busy, awesome life, I realize the one thing that we should ultimately be striving for is balance.  Balance between giving it our best in our careers and with our family, to giving ourselves the gift of rest, laughter and joy.  By finding a way to reconnect with your youth and your passions while balancing  your family and career, is one way….we can get a peace for ourselves!