Saturday, May 30, 2015

5 Ways to Create a Habit of Positive Thinking

The casual positive thinker sways between emotions depending on the situation.  The habitual positive thinker applies a mental strength to any situation to discover a solution.  A casual positive thinker avoids conflict which ultimately leads to limiting their personal growth.  A habitual positive thinker embraces critical thought to strengthen the solutions at hand and grow.

In my own journey, I had spent much of my life as the reactor, an individual that ‘stuff’ happened to.  It took a few catalysts to get me to reach the stage of a casual positive thinker and realize that good things do happen and that life gives you more when you let go a little.  Currently, (I believe) I am consistently making steps towards the phase of becoming a habitual positive thinker.  There have been many teachings from motivational gurus and mentors that have helped me in my journey and I thought I would paraphrase a few of the lessons.

1)      Self-talk is crucial in getting yourself through the tough times.  – Be your own cheerleader and boost your energy by telling yourself (even in front of the mirror) how awesome you are.

2)      Everyone has a story that we can learn from – being open to learn from others regardless of their life status will create empathy and will allow you to be a more effective leader.

3)      Your environment greatly influences the way you think….positive or negative – surrounding yourself with good people, books, quotes, living space etc. all make a great difference in how you think

4)      Tomorrow is a new day  - there are always opportunities to do better and be better.  Tough days don’t last forever!

5)      Figure out a way to bounce back and then use it again – for me, my journal is a great outlet for stress or for self-reflection to understand how I can be better.  Whatever your outlet is, use it as that crutch to lift you when you need it.

There are many more lessons and this list will change as I continue to be exposed to new situations.  What are some lessons that have transformed your mind and led to your own personal growth?

-Gautam Khanna 

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