Thursday, January 12, 2017

Two Things I Like About a Bad Day

Two Things I Like about a BAD DAY!

Being a dad with two daughters who are fairly young, I get the opportunity to “grow” every day (no sarcasm intended).  With children, I have learned that what worked yesterday, may not work today and will definitely change tomorrow.  Flexibility and patience are two skills that we will all continue to develop however, these skills seem to be accelerated for those in parenthood….especially during bathtimes and getting out of the house in the morning.
For fellow parents, I realize I’m stating the obvious but my ‘growth moment’ of today that I shared with (surprise surprise) my daughter, I realized the two things I actually like about bad days.  Bad days SUCK, no question….but these are two things to remember.

          1)     Bad days provide you with opportunities to learn what not to do.  You can practice being flexible, patient and diplomatic (see previous blog).  A big one for me is to practice ‘not taking it personal’ as Miguel Ruiz wrote in his awesome book, ‘The 4 Agreements’.  Bad days also provide you with the opportunity to be aware of your surroundings and your actions and to know what not to do for next time.

    2)      Bad days end.  The second thing I like about Bad days is that they eventually come to an end.  Everything does….yet it’s difficult to remember this when we are having a bad day.  Sleep on it, start a new chapter, tackle your troubles the next day with a fresh mind.  This is obviously not a prescription for any type of depression which is very serious and there are great resources to help with this.  We may have friends and family (perhaps ourselves) who suffer from mental illness.  This point and post is simply me sharing what I have used to talk myself through challenging moments.  

Nobody is immune to a ‘bad day’ and others deal with it differently.  There are constructive ways like journaling and physical activity to ‘let go’ and it’s important to find the best approach that works for us.  In this journey of balancing the family, career, physical, spiritual and mental arenas of our life, we will see setbacks, unexpected changes, failures, and disappointments.  Yet, we will also see progress, pleasant surprises, success and achievements.

“Take a deep breath.  It’s just a bad day, not a bad life!” (Author unknown)

-Gautam Khanna

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